Austin, TX Yoga Shops With Everything You Need

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Yoga shops in Austin, TX, allow you the chance to learn yoga as well as pick up yoga accessories. There are a variety of options for yoga shops and studios in Austin.

Yoga Classes in Austin, TX

There are a number of yoga studios in Austin where you can take classes. This includes a number of different styles of yoga, such as Bikram, Hot and Power yoga to name only a few. Choosing the best studio is largely a function of personal preference. The right instructor for you may not be the right instructor for someone else. Choosing a class is also a function of personal goals and how a yoga class will help you meet these goals. Remember also that the type of yoga class that you choose will inform how you spend your money at yoga shops in Austin, TX. Make sure to talk to the instructor ahead of time about any products that you need so that you can be prepared.

Yoga Shops in Austin, TX

A yoga studio may have a shop attached to it. This can be either a small merchandise shop in the front room or a large, stand-alone shop.

  • Austin Yoga has a small shop called the prop shop. Here you can get rubber mats, cork blocks, Mexican blankets and D-ring belts. The shop also has a curious item, the backless steel chair. These are like the steel chairs you sat in in school, but with the back metal piece removed, leaving only the piping. This chair is designed specifically for the yogi in mind.
  • Sunstone Yoga likewise has a shop that includes healthy energy and stamina drinks.
  • lululemon offers a location in Austin that also includes a community bulletin board with a number of activities for the yoga community.
  • Bodhi Yoga offers classes as well as a cafe and a boutique where you can purchase mats and clothing to wear during class.

Yoga Supplies at Other Stores

You don't necessarily have to go to a yoga shop to get supplies for your practice. Sporting goods stores often have a section where you can pick up supplies like yoga mats, yoga bags and comfortable clothes to do your yoga in. You may shop at any of the chain stores around Austin, or instead opt for local business. Yoga supplies such as tea lights for doing yoga can be found at any candle store. You can also purchase incense or scented candles for combined yoga and aromatherapy at new age shops. Book stores both new age and mainstream have classic and contemporary texts on yoga and related practices such as ayurveda.

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Austin, TX Yoga Shops With Everything You Need