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Contrasting colors

While having a yoga top that is specially sized for petite women can enhance your style in the studio, pants that are specifically cut for shorter women also increases safety during yoga class, as well as comfort. If you've been wearing capris in order to avoid fighting with your pants, you might be very happy to know that the perfect pair of pants is available. Shortened tops are also popular with petite women who practice yoga. While you won't trip on a shirt that is too long, such a shirt can reduce your teacher's ability to help you achieve proper alignment in some poses. In order to help you with your execution of a pose, the instructor must be able to clearly see your body. Properly-sized yoga clothing is essential in this respect.

Manufacturers of Petite Yoga Wear

Not all companies that make yoga clothing make special sizes. The following manufacturers make good-quality clothing for yoga in petite sizes.

  • Athleta - Offering stylish yoga clothing, Athleta features bright colors and beautiful cuts. Look for items with the text 'available in special sizes'; many of these come in petite sizing.
  • Target - Offering a large selection of very affordable yoga clothing basics, some items are also available in petite sizes. Look for the designation "with extended sizes" to find only the items available in special sizes, including petites.

Optical Illusions in Yoga Clothing

For petite women, some of the styles in yoga clothing may not work as well as they do on taller women. Some things to consider in terms of style are the color contrast waistbands, capri length pants, different styles of tops, and various fabric patterns. The following points are things to consider when trying on your yoga wear.

  • Waistbands: The color contrast waistband is very popular in yoga studios, but it has different effects on different bodies, depending on the proportions of the individual. Shorter women may appear smaller than they are because of the effect of being cut at the waist. However, women who are petite both in height and in weight can benefit from the contrast waist because it accentuates the midriff, essentially lengthening the body.
  • Capris: Depending on how muscular you are, capri pants can look either fantastic or questionable on petite women. Ladies who are larger in terms of weight may not look their best in capris, whereas slim women may look taller in capris than in petite-sized ankle-length pants.
  • Yoga Tops: Different styles of yoga tops will flatter petite women. Aim for a cropped shirt that goes just below your waist, or a tunic length. Both of these will flatter a shorter body. In addition to the shirt's length, consider the cut at the top; while a halter top can elongate your body, a square neck can have the opposite effect.
  • Fabric Patterns: Horizontal stripes often make you appear wider, thereby emphasizing a shorter stature; vertical stripes can achieve the opposite effect. A vertical stripe in pants can elongate the legs, making it very popular among petite women. Contrasting colors can also help elongate the body.

Comfort and Style

Practicing yoga is more effective when you are physically comfortable in your clothes, as well as comfortable with how you look in any given style. Trust your instincts; if you look in the mirror when trying something on and don't like it, refrain from buying it even if it's the only petite item on the racks. There is plenty of petite yoga wear to choose from, but it may take longer to find things you like than if you were shopping for yoga clothing in regular sizes simply because the selection is smaller.

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Petite Yoga Clothes Styles & Retailers