Yoga in Philadelphia for Kids: Types + Studios

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Parents and teachers interested in helping children discover yoga have several options for pursuing kids' yoga in Philadelphia. Both within the city center and in the surrounding suburbs, several yoga studios specialize in children's yoga classes, or teach yoga to kids alongside adult yoga instruction.

Types of Kids' Yoga

Depending on the age of your child, different types of yoga instruction may be advisable. Most studios offer some sort of child/parent class for children who are still quite young. Older children have classes that they can attend all by themselves. In addition to traditional yoga classes, many studios offer special types of classes, as well as unique events. Classes designed just for children might include:

  • Yoga Dance
  • Yoga Arts and Crafts
  • Kung Fu Yoga
  • Yoga Fun with Food

In addition to these yoga classes that blend yoga with some other activity that children will find fun, several studios offer yoga events for children, such as:

  • Yoga Birthday Parties: You invite the children, but the studio organizes the party for you.
  • Yoga Evenings: Instead of hiring a babysitter, bring your child to the yoga studio for an evening of yoga, snacks, and relaxation.
  • Yoga in School: Teachers can bring yoga instructors into their classrooms to teach their students. Alternatively, classroom teachers can learn how to teach children's yoga and bring yoga into the classroom themselves.

Specific options vary per studio. Check out the following studios offering kids' yoga in Philadelphia to see which ones are either in your region of the city.

Studios for Kids' Yoga in Philadelphia

The following studios offer children's yoga classes in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Yoga Child

Located in downtown Philadelphia on South Street, Yoga Child is a studio that specializes in kids' yoga, but also offers plenty of adult classes of different levels and types. The selection of children's classes is quite broad, ranging from parent/child classes for very young children to yoga dance for pre--teens and teenagers. In addition to classes strictly for children or for adults, Yoga Child also offers prenatal yoga and a comprehensive course to prepare expectant mothers for childbirth and motherhood.

The studio has weekly classes in-house, offers the option of private, semi-private, and small group lessons, organizes kids' birthday parties, and will also go to schools to instruct classes of students. The studio also has their own children's yoga teacher training program for those who would like to learn how to teach kids' yoga. Special events include workshops and kids' pajama evenings.

Yoga Habit

Located right in Philadelphia, Yoga Habit offers a Little Warrior's Yoga class. This class is designed for any child old enough to walk and up to four years of age. Kids will be introduced to basic movements and breathing techniques through a series of games, stories, and songs. Parents are required to stay and supervise their children, but they're also encouraged to participate with them.

Classes are about 45 minutes long and are typically scheduled on Monday mornings.

Teeny Yogini

Located in Northern Liberties on Hancock Street, Teeny Yogini is an excellent studio focusing entirely on children's yoga instruction. Classes in the studio are offered along with the option to invite the instructors into your school classroom or daycare. In-studio classes are offered for very young children with their caregivers present, for children ages 3-9, and for children ages 10 and older. Programs in schools and daycares can be tailored to the age of your students and the number of children present. Teeny Yogini also offers a teacher training program specifically intended for classroom teachers, yoga teachers, physical therapists and occupational therapists who want to incorporate children's yoga into their current career.

Benefits of Children's Yoga

As you consider the options for kids' yoga in Philadelphia, keep in mind the benefits of yoga that apply to children just as well as to adults. Kids will learn to focus their energy and thoughts, increase their balance and flexibility, develop athleticism, and reduce their stress levels. In addition, kids' yoga classes often appeal to children's imaginations and creativity. Focusing on, for example, yoga poses with animal names, is not only a fun way to help children remember the names of the poses, but it is also a way to ensure the kids love attending class. Let your children try yoga a few times, and they may be asking you to sign them up for a weekly class.

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