3 Designer Yoga Wear Collections

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If you want to maintain your stylish look in the studio like you do in your day-to-day life, look for designer yoga wear. Some of these designers you may not have heard of on the regular runway, but they are certainly stepping out with dynamic fitness lines.

Designer Yoga Apparel Options

Elisabetta Rogiani Couture Fitness

Rogiani features a number of collections that any yogini can fancy. Here are just a few.

The Hot 80s collection is stocked with pants and tops in bright colors. Look for tropical shades of yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, turquoise, and red. Pants come in leggings, capris, crops, tight-fit and bootleg styles. Tops accentuate the contours of a fit body. Consider the cotton wrap, the racer doll top, and the cotton lux top.

The Alicia Marie collection is a bold set of designer yoga wear featuring a simple color palette but stand-out designs, such as these kitten shorts.

The Luminarie Ultimate Lux collection creates an immediate impression. Take a peek at the Florence Band shorts, and the lace 5-pocket jacket.

Price points for Rogiani wear start at around $50 for a top and up to $90 for pants. Sizes are usually small, medium, large and extra large, but custom sizing is available.

Lucy Activewear

Lucy collections are popular for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts, but its yoga wear is quite dynamic. The Karma Racerback tops come in a variety of styles that highlight the strong back, arms, and shoulders of many yoginis. Consider the Workout Racerback Top or the Sun Salutation Sleeveless Top. Check out the fun selection of tees, too, such as a Graphic Tee Exhale.

For pants, you'll find a small but stylish collection of capris, long pants, and crops, all with eye-catching waistbands.

Price points vary, but are reasonable. Some tees can be found on sale for $19.99, but most tops range $30-$60. Pants average $80. There are numerous size options for clothing, from XS to XL. Tall sizes are available.

Marie Wright

When you're looking for designer yoga wear in organic fabrics, turn to Marie Wright. Interesting styles and refreshing colors make movement fun. The cross strap capri unitard offers freedom from billowing tops and rolling waistbands. There is a small but varied selection of tops, including a halter camisole and mesh tank. Pants include capris, leggings, and yoga shorts.

Prices range $35-$70. Marie Wright cautions that the organic cotton fabric fits a little tighter than other weaves, so consider that when selecting sizes. Sizes accommodate street sizes of 4-18.

Styles for Everyone

There are plenty of trendy yoga wear options available in stores and across the internet. Designers and retailers are always looking to one-up each other with the latest fashions, so expect new trends to keep replacing the previous ones as you update your yoga wardrobe. No matter what you're looking for, there are bound to be some pieces you simply can't resist.

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3 Designer Yoga Wear Collections