Yoga Tops: 6 Retailers to Buy From

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Whether you're just starting out or you've been doing yoga for years, yoga tops are essential clothing for practicing. Tops that are form-fitting to avoid slippage, yet comfortable and breathable, may sound like a tall order, but the popularity of yoga means that it's not as hard as it once was to find what you're looking for.

Where to Shop for Yoga Tops

Be sure to keep in mind the style of yoga that you're doing while shopping. If you're interested in Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga, you may want to look at fabrics that are a little cooler. The following list is just a place to start; yoga tops can also be found in almost any sporting goods, department, or discount store.

Sivana Spirit

Sivana Spirit carries everything from casual wear to show off your love of yoga, such as Om t-shirts and long-sleeve fashion tees, to tank tops and cap-sleeves to wear while you're practicing yoga. Their prices range from $20 to $30.

Outdoor Divas

Outdoor Divas exists for those who want to be trendy and fashionable while practicing yoga. They carry prAna, Lole, and Patagonia, but they only have yoga tops for women. Their prices for yoga tops average around $40 to $50.


Vickerey, located in Boulder, Colorado, offers yoga tops for both men and women. For women, they offer camisoles, tanks, halters, performance tee shirts, cropped tops, and tee shirts by prAna, Yoga Tribe, Blue Canoe, Sugoi, Patagonia, and Stonewear, among others. Their prices range from $30 to $60.

For men, Vickerey offers tee shirts by Patagonia, Natural High, prAna, Hind, and Sugoi, among others. Their prices vary from $20 to $60.

Lotus Organics

Lotus Organics carries camisoles, tanks, lotus tops, organic sweatshirts, tees, zen tops, and vests for women, ranging in price from $25 to $60.


Amazon may not be on the top of your clothes shopping list, but don't forget to check them out; their selection is broad, and items sold from Amazon (not from a third-party, Marketplace, shop) ship for free if your order is for $25 or more.

The selection at Amazon is very broad, ranging from basic, inexpensive yoga wear to specialized, more costly items; if you're planning on outfitting your yoga experience, but unsure which brands to start with, the site may be worthwhile.

Yoga Matters

Yoga Matters has tops for both men and women. They're located in London, so for yogis outside of the UK, it may mean more for shipping as well as the item itself, depending on conversion rates. However, the company has an extensive line for men, something other stores may not have. To view the entire clothing selection, visit the Yoga Matters website.

For men, they offer both tank tops and sleeveless shirts by prAna. PrAna offers a close-to-the-body fit in a fabric that breathes well, dries quickly, and is antimicrobial, which helps the clothing resist bacteria and mold. It is also odor-free, a definite plus. Their shirts range from £18 to £28.

For women, they offer sport tops and shells. Some have built-in shelf bras. Check the description carefully if you need one. The Meryl fabric used in the women's yoga tops resists pilling and is colorfast. The shirts vary from £32 to £40.

Selecting Yoga Tops

When shopping, remember that price and quality often go together. Sometimes it's worth a little extra to be more comfortable. Many forms of yoga clothing are durable and wash well, so picking the right pieces for your practice is a good investment.

For some yoga students, fashion is also an important consideration in selecting yoga wear. Check out this slideshow of trendy yoga wear for inspiration on choosing the hottest styles of yoga tops to wear to class. If you've chosen comfortable, well-made tops in a style you adore, your shirts can even do double duty and be worn for any type of occasion in addition to your next yoga class.

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