Yoga Retreats in the U.S. & Aboard

Yoga on the beach

One of the most luxurious ways to study yoga is at any one of the numerous yoga retreats around the world. While each has an individual flair, the concept is simple: you will improve your commitment to the practice of yoga, intensify your dedication to overall well-being and attain a higher level of awareness both in and outside the yoga studio.

International Retreat Destinations

Yoga retreats are in every corner of the earth. A passport and suitcase are all you need to start a physical and mental journey.

Eastern Asia

Yoga Bound encourages travelers to join them for the sand and surf of Bali, a land believed to have special healing powers. Bali also celebrates 70 holidays a year and most of the lodging is "al fresco", or open air. This same organization plans excursions to Thailand, specifically the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Pha-Ngan. These trips are one to four weeks in length, and retreat costs are reasonable compared to western retreat locations. However, airfare is quite expensive.


Mountain Waters Retreats in Nelson, British Columbia, considers itself to be a holistic health center with a focus on mind and body wellness and stress reduction. Located at the base of the Selkirk Mountains, the retreat specializes in workshops and retreats of various natures. Yoga retreats offer a back-to-nature experience focused on the present moment. Accommodations range from rustic camping to private, luxurious hotel rooms so that you can choose precisely the type of retreat experience that appeals to you.


The Haramara Retreat, named for Haramara or "Mother Sea", rests along private beaches just north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It features open-air cabanas lit with oil lamps for soft lighting. An extensive yoga workshop plus jungle walks, massage, whale-watching, and beach sports are just a few of the attractive features of these yoga retreats. Visitors spend three to seven days here.

Yoga Retreats in the United States

Diverse and fulfilling yoga retreats are scattered across the USA.

  • Esalen is located on the beautiful Californian coast, this center offers more that 500 retreats and workshops each year. Yoga retreats are offered with several different focal points, ranging from consciousness to love. With highly-regarded teachers and an inspiring environment, retreats here are full of life-changing moments.
  • Yoga Motion's instructor Nancy Ruby has developed daylong, weekend and weeklong retreats in Utah, Montana and, for those still interested in an international experience, Costa Rica. Her studio schedule also includes several one-day and week-long workshops.
  • Sedona Soul Adventures offers domestic retreats, with or without the yogic philosophy. Visitors can choose from a variety of programs, including spiritual, holistic, couples, and spa retreats lasting three-to-five days and tailored to individual visitors' needs.
  • Kripalu promotes rest and rejuvenation above all else. A yoga learning center in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, attendees will practice with some of the top yoga instructors on the scene today. Programs include health and wellness, creative expression, science and spirituality, self discovery, just for women, men might like, professional development, and more. Visitors stay for a few days or a week.
  • Rolling Meadows on the Maine coast, offers 100 acres of peaceful land and an 1840s farmhouse as the setting for many retreats each year. Programs range from three to seven days and feature daily yoga practice and vegetarian, homecooked meals.


Only some of the yoga retreats featured here outline prices for their retreats. Most companies require direct inquiries first, detailing how many people are attending, and during what season. However, locations that outline package pricing directly on their websites ranged from $500 to $1,500 for a three-day stay, excluding airfare, but including most amenities such as single-occupancy lodging, meals, yoga classes and excursions. The location and season, as well as the length of the retreat, impact the price.

Enjoying Your Yoga Vacation

A vacation rooted in the yoga philosophy and practice could be just the getaway you're looking for. A retreat can enhance your appreciation of daily living and take your yoga practice to the next level. With retreats all over the world, of various lengths and with varying focal points, the yoga retreat that's perfect for you and your yoga practice is just waiting for you to discover it.

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Yoga Retreats in the U.S. & Aboard