6 Printable Yoga Workouts for Girls to Enjoy

Download & Print Yoga Workouts!

Why Yoga For Girls and Teenagers?

The teenage years are a time for change. A girl going through puberty has many physiological changes as well as changes in body chemistry. Chakras also begin to develop in young girls and teenagers. The Chakras, the mind-energy vortexes can bring on such things as mood swings and even a rebellious teenager! Practicing yoga of all kinds can help keep not only Chakras in balance but support a healthy and strong body full of spirit and soul.

Where to Find Yoga Printable Workouts for Girls

  • Yoga Point - This website has a special section dedicated just for kids and teenagers. By practicing yoga, teenagers will see enhanced health, weight, personality and creativity skills improve. Find out how to perform easy poses like the Sun Salutation or learn the benefits of Omkar Chanting and even meditation through Yoga Nidra.
  • Fit Sugar - Fit Sugar offers great yoga workouts you can download and print or view right on the screen. Choose from the full body circuit workout, all abs workout or glutes and hamstring workout. Get started with yoga today by downloading the Fit's Fall Circuit Workout. Join this site for free, follow it on Twitter, or start your own fitness blog!
  • Fox & Friends Weekend - This short four-minute video helps to focus strong bodies and character. Watch and share with your kids; anyone can follow this step-by-step yoga routine.
  • My First Yoga - Another great yoga video for younger kids. This includes the Volcano and Downward Dog poses as well as many others. My First Yoga live classes can be found in many large cities and town.
  • Yoga for Kids - Visit this website for free directions to yoga poses and printouts for girls including the Cobra, Tree, and Corpse pose.
  • Yoga Poses - Right here on LoveToKnow Yoga find out about beginning Yoga poses most recommended for girls, teenagers, and beginners.

Yoga for fitness, growth, and a sound spirit is beneficial to kids of all age groups. From healthy spines to healthy minds, Yoga has helped stimulate and keep flexible every part of a girl and teenage bodies. Watch our great yoga slideshow, [Simple Yoga Poses for Kids].

Tips for Downloads, Printing, and Viewing Yoga Workouts

  1. Free Websites - If you choose a free website, make sure it's safe before you download the yoga routine to your computer. If you have anti-virus software installed on your computer, you will get a warning if the website isn't safe.
  2. Paying Websites - Never buy anything from any website unless they offer a secure checkout or shopping cart. You can tell if a website is secure if their URL begins with HTTPS, and not just HTTP.
  3. Printing - Before you download, read all the instructions including how to print your yoga workout. Make sure you don't have to pay for or install printing software first.
  4. Viewing Online - Some websites will ask you to install ActiveX for free before viewing a video or image. ActiveX is free software that installs Java to help your computer download images and videos at the highest quality.
  5. Ask for Permission - Before downloading any software, image, or workout, ask a responsible adult to help you view the website before you begin.

There are many yoga printable workouts for girls online for everyone's individual level. Whether you're a beginner, novice or expert, visit some of the websites provided here or start browsing the Internet on your own!

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6 Printable Yoga Workouts for Girls to Enjoy