3 Yoga Pilates Classes in Surrey & How to Find More

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If you're looking for yoga Pilates classes in Surrey, England, the search may be difficult, as these sessions aren't as popular as other classes. However, there are a few terrific studios located throughout Surrey that may suit your needs.

What Is Yoga Pilates?

Instructors who teach yoga Pilates classes combine the best elements of both methods into one dynamic workout. Core strengthening enhanced by certain Pilates moves makes your yoga positioning better, and the gentle flow of yoga can improve your overall well-being. Both practices encourage a balance between the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Pilates Classes in Surrey

Many studios have yoga classes and Pilates classes, but only a few offer yoga Pilates as a session. Don't be discouraged, however. With regular attendance, you might be able to suggest yoga Pilates become an option. In the meantime, here are a few to try.


You'll find BoCo studios in Hinchley Wood and Surbiton. Led by studio director Khatun Woodham, BoCo offers a number of yoga and Pilates classes to choose from in a variety of levels, including a core strength class that combines the best of both disciplines. BoCo provides new students the option of taking two classes for £20 before joining. You can also arrange for a private session with a teacher that is designed to fit your particular goals.

F.I.T. Gyms and Personal Training

Located in Horley, F.I.T. provides both yoga and Pilates classes, as well as customized programs with personal trainers, so you can create specialized sessions. Group courses cover a set period of time in order to help your progress. Drop-in fees for Pilates and yoga classes start at £6 each.


If you're near Byfleet/West Byfleet, New Haw, or Sheerwater, sign up for the YogaPilates classes offered by Hilary Sewter. In addition to helping you strengthen your core and gain overall fitness, Sewter works with individuals who may have back and postural problems.

Other Ways to Find Classes

Make sure to bookmark the following sites to keep up with fresh possibilities for yoga Pilates classes in Surrey. Many new instructors and studios list their services on clearinghouse sites like these, and it's worth the time to check back periodically to see if something new is in your area.

Do you have a favorite instructor or studio? Please post information below in our "Comments" section.

Try Yoga Pilates DVD and Books

If you're still unable to find the right class, but practice Pilates and yoga on a regular basis, yoga Pilates DVDs and books might help you advance your knowledge. Here are some options:

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3 Yoga Pilates Classes in Surrey & How to Find More