Yoga Necklaces: Symbol Meanings & Where to Get Them

Yoga jewelry, like these mala beads, is more than a pretty accessory.

Yoga necklaces are a hot fashion item. Whether you choose a meaningful symbol, semi-precious stones representing the seven chakras, or meditate with mala beads, there are more choices than ever before.

Popular Symbols for Yoga Necklaces

Artisans craft yoga necklaces from a variety of materials and inspiration. Silver and sterling silver are common metals used. Adornments include crystals, precious and semi-precious gemstones, millefiori beads, polished rocks, and fused glass.

Typical yoga symbols include:

  • Om - a Sanskrit holy word
  • AH - meaning "a state of emptiness from which all living things rise"
  • Bodhi Tree - which signifies the tree Buddha sat under and achieved enlightenment
  • Shakti - the divine, life-giving female energy
  • Dhyana Mudra - a symbol of the hands in Dhyana Mudra, a circulation of energy
  • Namaste - hands to the heart as "the lightness in me honors the lightness in you"
  • Gaia - a representation of the Earth Mother
  • Lotus - not as much the flower as the pose
  • Mandorla - the balance between man and woman, light and dark, heaven and earth
  • Prana - a symbol of primary energy

Other popular symbols for yoga jewelry include the poses themselves. So if you're particularly fond of Warrior Pose or Scorpion Pose, for example, you'll likely find a pendant crafted into that Asana.

Mala Beads

If you practice meditation but have never tried it with the help of mala beads, it might be a new way to advance your progress. Many people also wear mala beads as a benediction to their beliefs.

Typically, a mala strand will have 108 beads. The beads are formed from a variety of materials, including crystal, bone, rudraksh seeds, stone, tulsi wood, rosewood, and sandalwood.

As you begin to meditate, you touch each bead on the strand in correspondence with your breath. This often helps to calm the mind more completely and synchronize the breaths.

Individuals that practice Japa meditation use mala beads as a way to recite prayers or chants.

Chakra Jewelry

The seven chakras represent different energy centers of the body. Each has a symbolic color:

  1. Red = The Root Chakra
  2. Orange = The Sacral Chakra
  3. Yellow = The Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Green = The Heart Chakra
  5. Blue = The Throat Chakra
  6. Indigo = The Brow Chakra
  7. Violet = The Crown Chakra

You'll find a tremendous variety of yoga necklaces, bracelets, and earrings featuring the colors of the chakras. Garnet, ruby, tiger eye, amber, turquoise, emerald, malachite, moonstone, and amethyst are common stones and gems used.

Shopping for Yoga Jewelry

In your area, look for yoga necklaces and similar jewelry at yoga studios, art fairs, and new age bookshops. It might also be a creative experience to work with a jewelry artisan to craft a piece together.

Also try some of the following online retail outlets:

  • Yoga Lifestyle is a great resource for yoga jewelry, posters, clothing, incense, and essential oils. The jewelry selection is vast, and there are frequent sales.
  • Isabella carries a beautiful selection of yoga jewelry, as well as books, games, clothing, and other yoga-centered items.
  • Santosha has a wide variety of yoga necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, traditional mala beads, and wrist varieties.
  • Dharma Shop offers an interesting selection of mala beads, Tibetan beads, pendants, and other jewelry, as well as rugs, singing bowls, statues, and books.

If you find other places to shop for yoga jewelry, please post a link in our comments section!

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