Women’s Yoga Apparel: 5 Shops With Styles

Yoga Clothing
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While yoga clothing is simple -- pants, tops and sometimes shoes -- there are many different brands out there. So how do you find the one that has what you want, whether it's price, style, or size? Reviewing different manufacturers can help make that decision easier.

Yoga Wear

Yoga clothing, in its most basic form, is simply loose-fitting and airy. You don't necessarily need to purchase special yoga clothes, but you may find that clothing specifically tailored for yoga will help you be more comfortable during practice.

New Balance

New Balance features "Lightning Dry" fabric to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. Their yoga clothing can be found on their website under "Performance Apparel" and is treated material that is designed to stretch, support, and breathe. A special line is their Susan G. Komen Pink Ribbon apparel which features a pink ribbon to honor breast cancer survivors. They carry tops and pants; the tops range from $20 and up, and the pants range from $30 and up.

Title Nine

Title Nine believes in cotton and comfort. They can be found online, in retail stores, or you can order from a catalog. They carry tops and pants; the tops range from $30 and up, and the pants and shorts range from $40 and up. Request their free catalog online.


Danskin specializes in dance, fitness, and yoga clothing, but it also carries some yoga equipment. It has sizes for women, girls, and plus sizes. They carry bottoms (which include shorts, crop pants, and pants) for $30 and up and tops from $20 and up.

Marika Group

Marika Group has two different lines of yoga clothing. They are only online, but their website has both a community area and a spot for tips and advice. Their "Balance Collection" has tops and bottoms; the bottoms range from $40 and up, and the tops range from $30 and up. The "Shiva Shakti" collection has tops that range from $40 and up, and bottoms that range from $60 and up.


BaliDog carries "Wearable Art That Speaks of Spirit." They are located in Brazil, and all of their clothing is hand-painted by local women. According to their website, by purchasing your yoga clothing from them, you're "helping to raise the living standards of third world women." They carry Buddha Pants, Krishna Pants, Deva Pants, and yoga tops and shorts. The shorts start at $60, the tops at $50, and the pants range from $60 to $90.

Designer Yoga Clothing

Designer Yoga Wear
More on Designer Yoga Wear

Just like any other type of clothing, there is still something to be said for a designer label. While some people may not be interested in spending too much on clothing used for exercise, for others, the style is worth the price tag.


KiraGrace's line of yoga clothing is worn by celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Hillary Duff and Kate Upton, just to name a few. The look of this collection is hip and fresh with cool patterns, cut outs, bight colors and more.

Asquith London

Asquith London has organic cotton and bamboo yoga clothes. The UK designer Alice Asquith creates clothes that can function anywhere outside of the studio as well as in. Shipping outside the UK is an additional charge, and the clothing prices are in UK pounds, not US dollars. According to the website, however, studios, luxury spas and other places in the United States do carry the line.

Clothing for All Yoga Enthusiasts

Ultimately, it doesn't matter where you buy your yoga clothes. Look for breathable fabrics in your price range, and you're sure to find something you feel comfortable in while practicing your lotus pose.

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Women’s Yoga Apparel: 5 Shops With Styles