Yoga Asana Posters + Where to Find Them

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Whether you want to decorate a studio space or you're looking for new artwork, there are numerous yoga asana posters from which to choose. Some are artistic, while others more straightforward.

Finding a Yoga Asana Poster

Bookstores, yoga studios, and fitness apparel shops are all quick stops for possible yoga posters.

However, the Web opens up an entire world of new art. Many online retailers stock an incredible selection of yoga posters to suit anyone's taste or purpose.

Yoga Lifestyle

On Yoga, you'll find a range of categories for wall décor and poster art: and

You'll find a number of bargains at and Many of the prints featured can be ordered as a simple, inexpensive print. However, if you'd like a more durable or fine art print, some images come in a variety of backings, as well as framing and matting options.

  • This Yoga and Chakra Symbols Poster comes in a variety of styles, images and colors.
  • The site offers a series of motivational photography featuring individual yoga poses performed in a natural setting. This Balance Poster is just one example of the simple beauty of these images.

Sanatan Society

The Sanatan Society is an organization dedicated to Hindu philosophy, yoga, and art. Many of the posters featured on this site are more elaborate, often reproductions of Indian art paintings.

  • This Pieter Weltevrede-inspired poster, The Role of Asana, is a lush explanation of the Eight Steps of Yoga. While it doesn't feature images of asanas, the text is a departure from standard posters.
  • On this site, you'll also find artwork dedicated to explaining the chakras and vegetarianism.

Design a Yoga Poster

Digital photography makes it easy to create any yoga asana poster you like. The following sites accept uploads of your photos, often provide a wizard for designing, and supply you with various paperstock options.

  • Zazzle offers price breaks based on the number of posters you order.
  • 48Hour is a business-oriented site with 48-hour printing service.
  • ePingo is not quite as express as 48Hour Print, but has many of the same services and options.
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Yoga Asana Posters + Where to Find Them