4 Wholesale Yoga Mat Options + Buying Tips

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Wholesale yoga mats can be quite a bargain. Any yoga instructor who teaches 10 or more students will provide great service by having additional yoga mats on hand. A wholesale purchase helps you keep your operating costs low.

What to Look for in a Mat

Often, the type of mat used for practice depends not only on the individual, but the style of yoga. Someone who enjoys the vigorous practice of Ashtanga Yoga might need a durable, absorbent mat. A yogi with knee or wrist issues may choose a mat with greater thickness for extra cushioning. Another person may want some versatility, making a combination rubber/fabric mat a good option.

For wholesale yoga mat purchases, opt for longer length mats. That way, you'll always have the right size for any practitioner. No yogi has ever complained about having too much mat! Also, make sure the mats are easy to clean and quick to dry.

Wholesale Yoga Mats Online

The Internet is a terrific resource for finding wholesale yoga mats. The average price range for a single mat is $15-$100. Many wholesalers offer mat purchases in bulk; for example, $13 apiece for an order of six mats. So, it's important to shop around and strike up a relationship with suppliers. After all, you'll probably need blocks and straps and other yoga equipment, too.

Here are some options for wholesale yoga supplies.

Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga encourages you to become a wholesale customer by offering 10% off your first order. While the company stocks standard mats and other supplies, it specializes in eco-friendly options, including jute/PER, prAna E.C.O. (Earth Conscious Offering, designed to decompose in landfills), and Earth Elements T.P.E foam. You'll also find rosewood and bamboo yoga blocks.To make a wholesale order, call Barefoot at 877-227-3366.

Sunshine Yoga

Sunshine Yoga carries quite a variety of yoga supplies, and offers wholesale yoga mats in bulk - the usual minimum order is 10 mats. You can mix and match colors and still receive bulk pricing. Standard mat pricing is often on sale for about $9 per mat, with larger orders driving the price below that. Extra-thick mats average about $10 per mat, and larger quantities falling to $9 or below.Review more wholesale pricing at Sunshine Yoga and order online.

Yoga Accessories.com

At Yoga Accessories.com, you'll find just about everything you want for a well-stocked studio. The company extends a "Wholesale for Life" option: once you make your first purchase, you'll never be required to meet a minimum to get wholesale prices. Ask for free mat samples so you can feel the texture and thickness before buying mats.The company stocks a wide range of styles, including round yoga mats, eco-friendly pieces, mat with inspiring designs, self-guided mats, and custom-printed mats. You can also purchase mats by the roll, an economical option that may bring your price point down to as little as $7 per mat.

Yoga Direct

Yoga Direct is both a supplier and manufacturer of yoga equipment, so the mat selection is quite large. You'll find extra long/extra wide mats, yoga mats for kids, custom designs, microfiber mats, organic futon mats, eco-friendly options, and even scented mats!Many mats cost between $10 and $17. For larger orders, you can call the company to discuss further pricing options: 800-331-8233.

Wholesale Pricing Makes the Investment Easier

Making yoga gear readily available to students during practice frees their minds and allows them to focus on the session. Supplying equipment like mats will pay off in the long run, but maximize your funds now with great wholesale deals.

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4 Wholesale Yoga Mat Options + Buying Tips