The Raj: Iowa’s Gem for Ultimate Relaxation

The Raj Ayurvedic spa

Rising out of the middle of Iowa's meadows is The Raj Maharishi Ayurvedic Health Spa, an exceptional wellness resort.

This heartland treasure is a haven for seekers of rejuvenation, cleansing, healing, and weight loss, as well as mind and body balance. Methods incorporated at The Raj are based in a foundation of centuries old Ayurvedic principles.

A World-Renowned Spa in…Iowa?

When you think of the perfect spot for a wellness resort and spa, it might be in the desert or on the ocean, but many find the seclusion of woods and fields to have an entirely different siren song of relaxation. So, while Iowa may not be the first choice of many for a spa getaway, The Raj continues to entice hundreds of repeat visitors back for the tranquility of the environment, treatment effectiveness, and quality of service.

More importantly, having the resort in Fairfield, Iowa, aligns it with some of the most progressive research in Ayurvedic care in North America. Partners at the nearby Maharishi University of Management, the Maharishi College of Consciousness Based Health Care, as well as the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, an organization funded by the National Institutes of Health, are exploring beneficial methods of wellness that The Raj can offer guests.

Basic Philosophy of The Raj

The core philosophy of the resort is the same as Ayurveda: the body, when in balance, knows how to heal itself. It is a remarkable instrument that responds quickly to adjustments in treatment and continued care.

The resort provides a variety of methods to enable guests to feel the results during and after their stay, as well as listen to their bodies and maintain this wellness when they go home.

The range of programs and services at The Raj is vast and specialized. While it makes clear it is not a medical spa, it adheres to the guiding standards of Ayurveda, which are fundamentally rooted in purging toxins, creating a sense of balance in diet and mindfulness, and restoring and continuing health.

Programs and Services

The Raj is completely full-service. Visitors are treated with the utmost care, as the ratio of staff to guests is 3-to-1.

Depending on the purpose of the stay, guests can partake in yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massage services, exercise programs, educational classes, and other spa and Ayurvedic treatments. All meals at The Raj are vegetarian.

Extended Programs

Extended programs begin with an Ayurvedic consultation to help guide the specialized approach. Guests can choose to address a variety of conditions, including:

  • Anti-aging
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Detox
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • Rejuvenation
  • Weight loss

Here is a program overview of what someone seeking relief from insomnia would learn and experience.

Guests prepare for a stay at the The Raj with an extensive in-home, pre-visit program, lasting for at least one month. Following their in-residence program, guests adhere to stringent post-treatment guidelines.

An extended program is a minimum of five days, with a maximum 21-day stay. Most programs average $645 per day, including lodging, meals, educational and treatment programs, and Ayurveda health consultations.

Intensive Programs

More intensive treatments expand the body and the mind. The Raj offers intensive ayurvedic therapy programs for toxin weight loss, anti-aging, and more.

Day Programs

The Raj recently started a weekend getaway program to encourage new visitors to the facilities. Guests can enjoy a variety of spa-specific treatments, including wellness consultations, massage, spa treatments, and facial therapy.

Spa services begin at $140, with deluxe services currently at $295. Stays at the resort start at $98, and vary by number of guests/beds. Breakfast is included in all overnight stays, and lunches and dinners are available at the resort as well, although the city of Fairfield has a wide variety of dining options to suit almost any palette.

Give The Raj a Try

The Raj also hosts a variety of classes in yoga and Ayurvedic cooking, as well as specialized lectures.

Contact The Raj to receive a free informational booklet on the benefits of Ayurveda, request more information on classes and lectures, or to reserve your package.

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Read an interview with the resort's founder and director, Rogers Badgett, in Healing Lifestyles.

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The Raj: Iowa’s Gem for Ultimate Relaxation