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11 Gifts for Yoga Teachers to Show Appreciation

Beth Asaff

Meditation Shawl

There are many great gifts for yoga teachers. A token of appreciation is a wonderful gesture if you are pleased and inspired by the instruction you receive.

A yogi can never have too many meditation shawls. Try to find out your teacher's favorite colors before choosing a shawl, and take into consideration the climate when choosing the type of shawl material.

Yoga Reading
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There are many books that would interest a yoga instructor, no matter what the discipline. Look for unusual books, such as books on incense, The Yoga Bible, or the history of the discipline your teacher follows.

Yoga Chant
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Instructor Shiva Rea is famous for creating yoga chants for all levels of practice. This CD combines kitran, or chant, with asanas for an invigorating flow sequence. It's one of many of Rea's selections, so you may want to preview more than one to match your instructor's personal taste.

Hemp Yoga Bag
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A practical but thoughtful gift for yoga teachers is a hemp yoga bag. GOGO makes these bags with Indian designs in 100 percent hemp fabric. There's extra room for keys and other small necessities.

Healing Music Project CDs
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The practice of sound healing is popular, and The Relaxation Company has produced more than 40 recordings for different disciplines. "Radiance", "Awakening", and "Bliss", are just a few of the selections. The music can be used in conjunction with yoga practice, meditation, or a more particular focus.

Spa Treatment

Your yoga teacher helps you take care of your body - now, you can return the favor. A gift certificate for a spa treatment is a wonderful indulgence. If you know of something special, such as a massage or reflexology, present that. Otherwise, a number of spa centers will allow you to purchase a certificate for a set dollar amount, and offer your teacher a services menu.

Asana Pendant

Many artisans enjoy using yoga poses as inspiration for fine jewelry. You'll find pendants in silver, gold, and other materials such as wood and stone. Doesn't this one look a little like Tree Pose?

Yoga Motifs

Yoga calendars, posters and framed prints can all make meaningful gifts from a yoga student to a yoga teacher. Look for prints that have the symbol for Om, a lotus flower or something whimiscal, like Yoga Cats.

Culinary Gift Basket

A gift that is virtually foolproof is to assemble a basket of goodies. Select a few teas, some high energy snacks, some indulgent hot cocoa or chocolate bars, and you are on your way to creating a fantastic gift. This is the perfect present if you don't know your yoga teacher's style in jewelry and feel that he or she already has tons of yoga magazines and posters. Do take a little time to find out any particular diet considerations.

Gift Certificate

Another gift that is always well-received is a gift certificate. Perhaps your teacher would like to go for a massage or a pedicure, or maybe a certificate to an organic restaurant. would be a special treat. If you know your teacher even a little bit, you should be able to come up with a gift certificate that suits his or her personality and lifestyle.

CSA Share

Another great gift for yoga teachers is a share in a community-supported agriculture, or CSA, program. Many farms offer half-shares, which are reasonably priced, or share boxes, allowing you and your instructor to split the contents each week.

Other gifts idea for your instructor include global meditation music, a gift certificate for yoga clothing, or a set of Yoga Toes.

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11 Gifts for Yoga Teachers to Show Appreciation