6 Adult Yoga Videos Highlighting Intimacy

Tantric Yoga for Lovers

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Yoga means unite, so if you're looking for adult yoga videos, keep in mind that the level of intimacy created comes from your relationship with others, not necessarily the images on the screen. While some videos feature practitioners performing naked yoga, others focus more on the centering you achieve with another person.

For example, Steve and Lokita Carter developed Tantric Yoga for Lovers as a way for couples to explore the greater possibilities of relationship. It also features methods for partners to find balance and increase sexual energy.


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This video, developed by Mishabae Edmond, demonstrates a technique called Balanced Art Partner Yoga. Designed for the more advanced yogi and yogini, it has a Vinyasa Yoga approach that also incorporates massage to help form a stronger bond between partners.

Tantra Daily Practice

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Another adult yoga video to try is by Dawn Cartwright, considered to be a leader in Tantra Yoga. She uses Prasava Tantra, which translates to "blossoming".

Cartwright's philosophy is that through Pravasa, the body, mind, and spirit unite when an individual is present, at this moment. This awakening helps release repressed sexuality and makes lovers more open.

Kama Yoga

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Based on the foundation of Kundalini Yoga, this 20-minute routine is designed to increase male virility and increase sexual health. The sequence includes poses to strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, and awaken internal organs.

The DVD also stresses practicing other methods for better health, including a more balanced diet and reducing stress.

Better Sex Through Yoga

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Jacquie Noelle Greaux developed the Better Sex Through Yoga series as a way for people to have fun with yoga and improve the core muscles that contribute to sexual pleasure. There are three videos- beginner, intermediate, and advanced- and each follow a particular yoga sequence, followed by provocative dance moves. Expect a very playful approach to yoga with this series.

Hot Nude Yoga

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What started as a small class in New York City is now an adult yoga video phenomenon. Aaron Star developed the Hot Nude Yoga Series as a way for men to shake off inhibitions of the body and better unite the mind, body, and spirit. He believes practicing in the nude frees the body, allowing the practitioner to focus more intently on increasing sensitivity. This four-disc set includes the segments Virgin, Strength, Partner, and Tantra. Tantra can't be purchased separately.

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6 Adult Yoga Videos Highlighting Intimacy