7 Seated Yoga Poses Anyone Can Do

Modified Hero Pose


Practicing poses for seated yoga is often a helpful alternative for those who would like to experience yoga but may have some mobility issues. This slideshow focuses on postures you can alter to use with one or two chairs. You may also find it helpful to purchase some Chair Yoga DVDs for more in-depth routines. Also consider using yoga equipment such as straps, blocks, and bolsters to expand your positioning without strain.

Modified Eagle Pose


This is traditionally a balancing pose, but you'll still build concentration and flexibility working the arms alone. You may also choose to kneel on a chair, tummy resting against the back of it.

Modified Child's Pose


Sit in one chair, feet flat on the floor. Bending forward from the waist, extend your arms forward onto the other chair and rest your head on the seat.

Modified Cow Face Pose


This is a relatively easy pose for seated yoga. Widen your legs as much as is comfortable, even if your feet dangle over the side of the seat.

Modified Seated Spinal Twist


Use the back of the chair to help you deepen the twist. You can add a second chair to rest your legs, or advance into a variation of Prayer Twist.

Modified Boat Pose


Use two chairs strapped together to ensure they won't move away from one another. With your lower back resting against one chair, prop your feet against the far chair as high as you are able. From here, rest in Staff Pose.

Modified Wide-Legged Forward Bend


With legs extended on either side of the chair, bend from the waist and descend to the floor. Rest your palms on the floor and let your neck relax.

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7 Seated Yoga Poses Anyone Can Do