Must-Do Pilates and Yoga Classes in Show Low, AZ

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If you're looking for Pilates and yoga classes in Show Low, AZ, probably the best place to start is with local gym clubs. However, there are also other options to explore. Here are a few ways to find classes

Pilates and Yoga Classes in Show Low, AZ

Nearly every community offers at least a few workout classes like pilates or yoga. You just have to know where to look. First, contact local gyms. Often classes through community gyms will cost nothing more than the price of the gym membership and you get the added benefit of having access to the entire gym for days when you don't want to workout in a class setting.

Here are a couple of gyms in Show Low.

Bodyworks Health and Fitness Center

Located at 4800 South White Mountain Road, Bodyworks is locally owned and operated and offers a state-of-the-art gym facility with a lap pool, weight training machines, and cardiovascular equipment. In addition, they also feature healthy living seminars for their members. Class Schedule - Bodyworks posts their class schedule online. In addition to Pilates and yoga, the gym offers aqua aerobics, cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, belly dancing, and core training. For more information about times and room locations, visit the Bodyworks website.

Ironworks Gym

Ironworks is located at 861 East Cooley Street. Call (928) 537-2930 for more information about classes and schedules.

Open Spaces Yoga Center

If you're willing to drive to Pinetop-Lakeside, you can try classes at Open Spaces Yoga Center. It doesn't have Pilates at the moment, but there are many options for yoga, meditation, Qi-Gong, and even belly dancing! You'll find them at 476 West Mountain Blvd. in Lakeside.

Curves for Women

In nearby Taylor, AZ, the Curves for Women location at 815 N Main St. offers yoga classes. Call them for more information: (928) 536-2201

Other Class Options

Gym clubs aren't the only place you can find classes. Below are a few other options to explore when looking for Pilates and yoga classes in Show Low, AZ.

  • Local Churches - In small communities, churches will sometimes offer classes for its member or for the public for a small fee. You can sometimes find out about these courses by reading announcement boards at libraries or local restaurants, or contact your local churches.
  • Schools - High schools will also sometimes serve as a venue for public classes. The cost for this may be free or may require a small fee to be donated to a department within the school or for other purposes.
  • Private studios - Look around and in your local yellow pages for privately owned studios that house pilates or yoga classes. Be sure, though, to check that the teachers are certified and well-trained. Though these exercises are generally less impact, it's important that you perform them correctly to prevent injury.
  • Start Your Own - If you can't seem to find what you're looking for, considering partnering with your local church or high school to start your own pilates and yoga classes. Trainers and certified yoga or Pilates teachers are often happy to travel if they know they already have a population of students. Ask around to see if others would enjoy a pilates or yoga course and get started!

Additional Ways to Practice

Don't forget that you can also enjoy these activities in the comfort of your own home. The Internet now makes is possible to gain access to live classes and yoga and pilates downloads that you can practice at home. These downloads are usually cheaper than a gym or class membership, so they could be a very viable cost-saving option.

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Must-Do Pilates and Yoga Classes in Show Low, AZ