Where to Get Personalized Yoga Mats Online

Personalize Your Mat

Anyone looking to personalize yoga mats for themselves or as gifts has plenty of options. Personalization can consist in a special set of straps you knitted yourself, buying a mat that has a fun motif on it already, or having a special logo printed on the mat itself. Whether you add a person's name, or a picture or symbol that is meaningful to the person, it is very easy to personalize a yoga mat.

Yoga Mats: Use the Studio's or Your Own?

While some studios provide yoga mats for their students, many studios are starting to shy away from this. Offering the mats ultimately costs the studio money. The mats must be purchased, cleaned after each session, and the mats have to be stored between classes.

Many yogis are concerned about the hygiene of sharing mats. For this reason, many yoga students want to bring their own mats to class with them. The opportunity to have a unique yoga mat pops up if you need or want to have your own mat for hygiene reasons.

Companies That Personalize Yoga Mats

Several companies have realized the market for personalized yoga mats, and have started selling custom yoga mats.

My Om Mat

My Om Mat offers you eight mat color choices, and the opportunity to write a name, logo, or print a picture right onto the mat. You simply upload the photo or fill in the text you would like to have printed on the mat. These are great mats for personal use, as well as for a company or studio that would like to print a logo on the mats. Cost is approximately $40.

Yoga Direct

Yoga Direct offers a wide array of yoga products, including a vast selection of yoga mats. You can choose from many types of yoga mats, from the most inexpensive, basic design, to premium fibers that are environmentally-friendly and sure to be comfortable enough to almost double as a camping mattress.

In addition, Yoga Direct offers customers the opportunity to print a logo or text on several products, including the yoga mats. You can also print in more than one text color, and ordering bulk amounts of any product results in a discount in the per-item pricing.

This is also a great source for those wanting to choose from many mat colors, mats with flowers and other motifs printed on them, and a wide selection of yoga accessories. A unique mat with flowers on it, in a contrasting color bag or with fun striped straps can be just as personalized as having your name printed on the mat itself.


At YogaMatic, you can choose from the company's many unusual designs or upload a favorite photo. Average cost is $85 before shipping and handling, and the purchase includes a free shoulder bag.

Whether you make a personalized yoga mat for yourself or for a friend or loved one, it is sure to be a mat that will stay in use for several years.

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Where to Get Personalized Yoga Mats Online