How to Find the Nearest Yoga Studios to You

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When you're looking for the nearest yoga class, there are a number of resources to try. Some areas, especially metropolitan centers, will have a greater selection of yoga styles. But, no matter where you live, attending a live class will be of great benefit.

Local Options for Nearest Yoga Class

Phone Book

The easiest solution for finding the nearest yoga class is simply to look in the phone book. Many studios are listed in the business yellow pages under "Yoga" or "Yoga Instruction". Most locations allow a visit to observe a class or tour the studio, and even more studios offer a free session for a first-time visitor.When you find listings this way, there may not be information on the yoga style. This is why visiting a studio in-person, even if you don't plan to attend, is so important. While some instructors, such as those trained in Bikram Yoga, only feature one style at their studios, other studios often have a variety of disciplines with many different instructors.

Athletic Centers

About 10 years ago, yoga started to become a regular feature at gyms, health clubs, and other athletic centers, just like aerobic exercise classes and spinning sessions. YogaFit had something to do with this, as the company responded to the growing interest in yoga by creating more opportunities for individuals to become certified yoga instructors. Most gyms feature a Hatha Yoga class, because it is the universal style and easily modified to suit a variety of club members' activity levels. However, if the yoga instructor at the gym generates enough interest in another method, most centers are open to giving it a try. So, if you don't have a yoga studio in your area, you might convince the health club to diversify yoga selections if 10 or more members plan to attend.

Personal Trainers/Instructors

Many locales have personal trainers or yoga instructors who host small classes in a person's home or provide one-on-one training. It's a pretty handy situation when the nearest yoga class is your living room! The advantages include more privacy and more opportunities for hands-on direction. The instructor's visit isn't limited to gym or studio times, and the rates might also be less expensive. However, if you want to take this path, make sure your instructor is certified through Yoga Alliance or another governing body of professionals.

Online Resources for Yoga Classes

Whether you're looking for the nearest yoga class or other people interested in aspects of mediation or vegetarian eating, try online databases to narrow your search.

Yoga Alliance

As mentioned above, the Yoga Alliance is a governing body of yoga instructors and schools. It provides a benchmark of standards for instructors so you can be assured you're choosing someone with a level of integrity and common practice guidelines. Use the site's online search form to find instructors in your country, city, state, and style.

Yoga Meetup

The Yoga Meetup site is a more casual way to connect with other yoga enthusiasts. You can also post your interest in forming a group or class, and people may find you through that.


While most people are familiar with craigslist as a job search and online sales tool, you can also use craigslist for looking for interesting activities and the nearest yoga class. Use the search function in the left margin of the page. If there's anything close to you, it will come up on a page that looks like this. Try the search word "yoga" and select "services" from the pull-down menu to get the most results.

Instructor or Discipline Sites

If you want to follow a particular instructor or yoga discipline, try searching those websites for additional information. For example, if you're interested in Baron Baptiste's Power Yoga, search his site for certified teachers. Keep in mind that you still may not find a class where you live, but perhaps in a neighboring state that would be worth a weekend trip.

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How to Find the Nearest Yoga Studios to You