4 Minneapolis Yoga Studios: Get Your Workout Fix

Minneapolis Yoga studios

The Minneapolis yoga community is a hot spot for relaxation, better mind-body-spirit awareness and unity in both purpose and endeavor.

Minneapolis Yoga Studios

Bikram Yoga

There are two Bikram yoga centers in the Twin Cities, each following the traditional Bikram method of 26 postures in a structure sequence performed in a highly heated room of 90 degrees or more. Both studios offer a variety of morning and evening classes.

Minneapolis - 2836 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 870-YOGA (9642)
St. Paul - 535 N. Dale St., St. Paul MN 55103 (651) 225-YOGA (9642)

Corepower Yoga

Fans of Hot yoga and Power yoga will gravitate toward Corepower Yoga. The center's philosophy is that "flatline" after a certain point, and yoga practice, especially Corepower yoga, stimulates the mind, body and spirit once again. In addition to Hot and Power yoga, the studio has yoga sculpt sessions, which incorporate the use of weights to amp up the practice. Each center often hosts nutritional seminars and workshops, too.

Corepower Yoga has three locations in the Twin Cities:

Minneapolis - 501 S Washington, Minneapolis, MN 55415 (612) 375-9642
St. Louis Park - 4611 Excelsior Blvd, St. Louis Park, MN 55416 (612) 922-9261
St. Paul - 867 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN

In addition to the Minneapolis yoga studios, Corepower Yoga also has locations in California, Colorado and Oregon. "Yoga On Demand" online classes are available as well.

Minneapolis Yoga Workshop

At the Minneapolis Yoga Workshop, members will learn B.K.S. Iyengar's method of yoga. Regardless of your level of experience, the Workshop offers a wide range of classes, including prenatal and senior sessions, and intensive workshops designed to guide you through all aspects of yoga, including the Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda and the philosophical teachings of the Upanishads. 3359 36th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55406 (612) 253-5515.

The Yoga Center of Minneapolis

The Yoga Center of Minneapolis is a very comprehensive center for yogis, featuring many yoga disciplines, workshops and yoga classes for the entire family and every level. The center's yoga sessions teach Anusara, Jivasukti and Vinyasa styles of yoga. In addition, members can learn about maximizing chakra energy, meditation and receive training in Thai yoga.

There are three locations:

Calhoun Square - 3001 Hennepin Ave. S, Ste. D204, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 436-4700
Downtown - 212 3rd Ave. N., Ste. 205, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (612) 436-4700
St. Louis Park - 4215 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park, MN 55416 (952) 345-1953


Minneapolis yoga practitioners can take their pick of fun, diverse and dedicated yoga studios and instructors. If you'd like to search for more options, try The Social Grid. The Yoga Meetup site cannot only connect people to Minneapolis yoga studios, but also those interested in other activities and lifestyle choices, such as vegetarian eating and meditation.

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4 Minneapolis Yoga Studios: Get Your Workout Fix