5 Milwaukee Yoga Studios to Get Your Yoga Fix

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Several studios offer Milwaukee yoga classes ranging from Hot yoga in a large group to individualized restorative and therapeutic yoga in a private lesson. When looking for the nearest yoga class, be sure to take not only the geographical proximity into account, but also the course offerings and the philosophy of the school and its teachers. There are so many Milwaukee yoga studios to choose from that you should be able to find exactly the right place for you.

Studios with Milwaukee Yoga Classes

Milwaukee boasts more than 25 yoga studios! With these options, it's important to do some research before choosing a studio. Here are just a few.

Bikram Yoga Milwaukee

The original Hot yoga experience, Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute yoga class held in a room at a high temperature in order to increase sweating and the body's power to detoxify itself, releasing the toxins from your body. This type of class is intense, and while some yogis love it, others hate it. The only way to find out is to try it a few times. Please note that Bikram yoga is very demanding, so talk with your doctor before beginning a practice.

Invivo Fitness

Ashtanga yoga classes are offered twice a week at Invivo Fitness. Combine your yoga practice with personal training or physical therapy for maximal benefits of yoga. Most yoga classes are included in the cost of a fitness membership, averaging $40-to-$100 a month depending on membership type. Yoga sessions are also available without a fitness membership and quite affordable, costing $200 for 20 classes.


Offering yoga along with massage, acupuncture and chiropractic services, Solcare is dedicated to multiple routes to physical and spiritual well-being. Offering yoga daily Monday to Saturday, Solcare features a few general Hatha yoga classes at reasonable prices, especially if you buy the larger package of $400 for 50 classes, good throughout the year. Try out the sunrise yoga class at 7:00 for an excellent start to your day.

Tosa Yoga

Located in Wauwatosa, Tosa Yoga is a yoga studio offering a wide variety of yoga classes and workshops just outside Milwaukee. Favorite classes are the "Mom and Baby", and "Mommy/Daddy and Me" classes that bring together families to practice yoga. Other popular classes are the workshops featuring special topics, such as the "Partner Yoga" workshop or the belly dance workshop. The studio also offers standard yoga classes at several different levels, as well as Power yoga classes and a special mix called Yogilates, blending yoga and pilates to strengthen the core region of the body. Prices are reasonable, and if you sign up for multiple classes, you receive a discount.

Yama Yoga Studio

Offering classes seven days a week, Yama Yoga is a refreshing yoga studio offering several types of yoga classes, from therapeutic yoga to Hot yoga, and many styles in between. With 20 teachers and several classes a day, any yogi can find the right fit at Yama Yoga. A special offering of this studio is "Express Yoga" offered every day at noon for one hour; a great way to energize your afternoon without relying on coffee or sweets. A drop-in class costs $16, but several packages and memberships quickly reduce the cost of classes at Yama Yoga.

Choosing a Teacher or Studio

Check the credentials of each teacher before deciding to attend a certain class, but remember that your feeling with the teacher is also very important. As long as the teacher has a certification, you can trust his or her ability to teach yoga; it's not necessarily the case that the teacher with the most years of experience is better than the others. Rely on your instincts when you take a trial class with the teacher. How you feel during each class will guide you to the right class to stay in for the long term.

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5 Milwaukee Yoga Studios to Get Your Yoga Fix