5 Hot Yoga Accessories Every Yogi Needs

Essentials for Hot Yoga

Hot yoga accessories are used by yoga practitioners of all levels in order to get the most out of each and every hot yoga session. Because it is normal to sweat, a few accessories are essential: a towel, a lot of water, and a non-slip mat or mat cover. In addition, basic yoga accessories can be used to help you get into the more difficult poses and keep you physically comfortable despite the heat.

Common Hot Yoga Accessories

Water and towels top the list, but a handful of additional accessories are also helpful.

Water Bottles

A water bottle with a sport cap is a good idea so that you can take a sip at any moment with only one hand. Sport-cap water bottles also reduce the risk of spilling the water at a moment during the class when you are not drinking from it. Hot yoga requires a large water bottle: aim for at least 24 oz., if not more. Be sure to come to class completely hydrated and continue to drink lots of water even after the class ends in order to avoid dehydration.

Yoga Towels

While many yoga practitioners use a towel during yoga sessions, hot yoga students generally arrive with several towels. It is common to place a large towel on top of one's yoga mat so that the mat does not become sticky, as well as to bring a few smaller towels that can be used periodically to mop up sweat from your body and face.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat Cover

While there are plenty of non-slip yoga mats on the market, hot yoga is a special kind of yoga! With temperatures in the 90s or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a general non-slip mat can become pretty slippery as you begin to sweat. Especially as targeted hot yoga accessories, Yogitoes makes what are called the skidless towel and the skidless mat. Engineered specifically to stay non-slippery when soaked with sweat, these mats and towels roll out to either serve as a mat or to cover your existing mat. The price can vary considerably on this special accessory, so it is well worth shopping around to find your favorite color at the right price.

Additional Accessories for Hot Yoga

Hot yoga accessories can also include how you dress for hot yoga, as well as general yoga accessories such as bricks and bands.

Clothing and Accessories

It is advisable to dress appropriately for hot yoga, especially given the amount that you will sweat. Some yogis prefer loose-fitting cotton clothing, while others prefer tank tops made out of sport-blend materials. Try out different styles of clothing in your hot yoga class to find out what is most comfortable for you, but expect a lot of fellow students to be wearing shorts and tank tops as their preferred hot yoga clothing.

A hair band or sweatband is also a good accessory when dressing for hot yoga. The heat and the sweat are two good reasons to keep your hair as far away from your face as possible.

If you truly find the heat oppressive, ask your instructor for special tips, such as wearing a cold, wet bandanna on your head or around your neck, although these are not generally advised.

Standard Yoga Accessories

Especially for beginners, an array of yoga accessories can help students get into, and balance, in the poses executed during hot yoga. Most studios will have accessories available during class, but talk to your teacher if none are offered. Bricks for balancing and straps for difficult stretches can make seemingly impossible poses easily attainable ones.

For students who aim to practice at home, it is a good idea to first attend classes with a certified instructor in order to not only learn the poses, but also to get individualized advice on when and how to use blocks and straps in your own yoga practice.

Buying Accessories

Accessories for yoga are available at many studios and local sporting goods stores. You can also shop for accessories online at general websites such as Amazon.com or on websites that specialize in yoga clothing and accessories such as Yoga Accessories.

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5 Hot Yoga Accessories Every Yogi Needs