Yoga Music Online to Get in the Zone

listening to yoga music

If you want a variety of sources to hear yoga music, you're in luck! We've found numerous options.

Where To Hear Yoga Music Online

There are many Web sites dedicated to providing an eclectic mix of tunes perfect for whatever yoga practice you perform.


Whether you want to hear yoga music specifically or find artists that experiment with sounds, you'll enjoy Echoes. The Beyond Echoes series offers a number of different streams to subscribers perfect for any level of practice. There are also artist interviews and special "Living Room" concerts produced by the site. You can give the site a one-week trial for about $3. Full subscription prices vary by selection.

Meditation Music

If you want to hear yoga music as well as create an atmosphere for meditation, try Meditation Music. The site offers downloads for purchase through Amazon.mp3, but you can sample them first to see what you like best. The streaming meditation music is hosted by Live365, which inserts commercials in between selections. However, you can sign up for a free trial to see if you'd prefer to pay a monthly membership fee to listen without interruption.

Free Yoga Music

It's expensive to stream audio, so that's why you don't find many resources that let you hear yoga music for free. However, there are a few sites with limited selections sharing tunes for you to enjoy.


This pay-per-download site has a special feature called Yoga Music Unlimited. This small selection of free, full-length streams lets you hear yoga music you'd eventually like to purchase.

Sound Sleeping

Sound Sleeping offers an interesting mix of drums, flute, and background sounds you merge together for a personal yoga soundtrack. The site is easy to navigate and provides suggestions for sound combinations.

Visit Artists' Web Sites

Another great source of yoga music is artists' Web sites. Many extend visitors a quick preview of upcoming releases and special selections. For example, Krishna Das offers at press time a preview of his CD, "Flow of Grace". Shiva Rea has compiled numerous yoga music CDs, and previews most of them through her website or Sounds True.

You can also create a yoga music station through Pandora. Create a playlist, share songs, and listen any time.

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Yoga Music Online to Get in the Zone