Global Meditation Music: Guide to the Series

The entire world opens up through music.

Few world music collections capture native artists like the Global Meditation Music series.

The Global Meditation Music Box Set

The premier collection of Global Meditation Music is the four-disc box set, Meditative Traditions of the World. Compiled by the recording company Ellipsis Arts in 1993, it remains a longstanding favorite with meditation devotees everywhere.

The collection spans continents in order to feature the best in cultural music. You'll hear Buddhist monks, Aboriginal musicians, verses of the Qu'ran recited by an Islamic brotherhood, and a host of other original and indigenous musical stylings.

Is this set actually soothing meditation or yoga music? Not in the slow, spiraling, calming sense. Many of the selections are quite energetic and upbeat, and the rhythms, chants, and calls have almost a trance-like quality to them. Listeners will delight in the sensation of audio travel.

Appreciation for Global Music

Music aficionados believe that a culture tells its best stories through sounds, rhythms, melodies, and rhymes. You don't need to understand the spoken language to feel the passion resonating through an instrument or vocal expression.

Since meditation is a practice of awareness, acceptance, and expansion, it's only natural that global music has a place in an individual's daily meditation.

Technology continues to support the theory of a true global community, one without borders and with a full understanding and acknowledgment of others. There are a number of organizations promoting indigenous artists, ancient musical pathways, and the blending of traditional sounds with contemporary overtones. These organizations include:

Other Titles by Ellipsis Arts

Ellipsis Arts merged with The Relaxation Company to provide an extensive variety of recordings in addition to the Global Meditation Music series. Not only will you find yoga and meditation music through the company, but also:

  • Healing music, crafted by "sound healers" and music therapists.
  • Musical massage, a soothing collection by which to unwind.
  • Brainwave music, in a variety of stimulating disciplines.
  • Sound medicine, another alternative created by music therapists.
  • Delta and alpha music compilations, for deep sleep and relaxation.
  • Children's lullabies, including many with a world music focus.

The site offers easy-to-use music samples so you can get a general impression of each CD before your purchase. Frequent sales also let you try a number of different selections without investing too much, and gift certificates makes shopping for others a snap.

Meditation Music Options

If you want instrumental music specifically to accompany your daily practice and help you reach a state of deep meditation, try these:


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Global Meditation Music: Guide to the Series