6 Free Yoga Videos Online to Get Your Yoga Fix

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Finding free yoga videos online is a real benefit to maintaining an innovative daily practice. You can try a different routine, sample instructors' styles before purchasing a new DVD, and work out even while traveling.

Reading the Fine Print

The majority of online instruction is on a free trial basis. After the introductory time period offered on most sites, yogis are required to become members for additional access to the video libraries. However, you'll find a smattering of free yoga videos online.

With a trial, yogis can access any number of video offerings on a site to get a broad review of style, level of experience required, program length, and types of yoga featured. It's important to take advantage of free trials before signing up for a membership so you know you've found the right method to help meet your goals.

Most yoga video free trials last for about a week. After that, popular sites extend graduated levels of membership. In this article, we'll outline free online yoga sites as well as membership sites.

Absolutely Free Yoga Videos Online

Fitness Magazine

By signing on as a member of the Fitness website, you'll receive a sample of free yoga videos online, as well as access to other exercise programs. There's also a free trial available for a personal fitness planner that will help you outline your exercise and diet goals.

Prenatal Yoga Center

Medical experts agree that certain yoga positions make pregnancy more comfortable, so there's no reason to stop your daily yoga practice when you're expecting. The Prenatal Yoga Center offers free yoga videos online that help open the hips, lessen shoulder stress, and alleviate back pain. If you're just starting yoga and are pregnant, check with your health practitioner before exercising, and talk with a yoga instructor about poses you shouldn't do or modify.


SportSkool has a number of free and helpful yoga video podcasts, especially if you're trying to perfect a certain pose. The average length of the videos is a couple of minutes. This site offers many other sport videos as well, including tips on improving skills in skiing, basketball, and soccer.


The YogaYak site has introductory, full-length free videos for a Hatha yoga routine, Pranayama, meditation, and alternate nostril breathing. These free classes are available anytime, but members have access to more than 40 other classes with monthly, three-month, or annual plans.

Free Trials for Online Yoga

My Yoga Online

In her interview with LoveToKnow Yoga, My Yoga Online co-founder Michelle Trantina said that this online service was created to help individuals maintain a consistent yoga practice. The site covers yoga, Pilates, and meditation. While it does have a couple of sample videos to try, it does not offer a trial period. Monthly membership is $9.95 per month. A yearly plan is $89.95 per year, with an additional three months free.

Do Yoga With Me

Do Yoga With Me has quite a few free videos suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you choose to join their community, which only costs around $5 a month, you get access to bonus videos, communicate with other members, and rate the teachers.

Give It A Try

If you don't have a yoga studio near you, or travel a lot, online yoga is a terrific option. The membership fees are comparable to local yoga classes. However, since many sites offer unlimited access to the video library, you may find that you'll receive more instruction for the price in the long run.

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6 Free Yoga Videos Online to Get Your Yoga Fix