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Article Highlight: What Are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are designed to be worn to yoga or other types of fitness classes. Comfortable and stretchy, yoga pants are usually made from a blend of materials, including some combination of spandex, lycra, polyester,… Keep reading »

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Yoga Wear

When you're getting in touch with your mind, body and soul, make a fashion statement with the latest yoga wear. Let LoveToKnow Yoga help introduce you to the best fashions to wear for yoga-wear and help you find the best brands and places to shop.

Yoga Attire Options

With so many choices available in yoga wear, it's no surprise that you can find yoga apparel from a variety of retailers. Three key items that make up a great yoga outfit:

  • Pants: Yoga pants are soft, stretchy, and lightweight. They're designed to move with your body and are available in crop and long styles, as well as snug and loose fits.
  • Tops: Yoga tops come in a variety of colors, prints, and styles, including a vareity of trendy options that are as great looking as they are comfortable and easy to move in.
  • Shoes: Although yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot, yoga shoes are becoming more popular. These lightweight, thin, and flexible shoes look like sneakers, but are designed to protect your feet and provide traction during certain yoga poses.

Comfortable Apparel

Once you've purchased a few outfits for your yoga class, don't be surprised if you never want to take them off! Yoga clothing is known for being amazingly comfortable. In fact, it's not too uncommon to see people wearing yoga tops, pants, or shoes while running errands or hanging out with their friends. In the quest for comfort, yoga clothing seems to have become a casual wardrobe staple. Let LoveToKnow Yoga be your first online destination when you're searching for new yoga clothing.

Yoga Clothing