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Yoga pants are designed to be worn to yoga or other types of fitness classes. Comfortable and stretchy, yoga pants are usually made from a blend of materials, including some combination of spandex, lycra, polyester,… Keep reading »

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The right yoga attire can help make your movements more fluid and less restricted. It's important to wear clothing that will allow you to move while letting your skin breathe. And while trendy yoga clothes sometimes fall into the realm of everyday athleisure wear, having clothes specifically designed for this type of exercise can push your yoga practice a little further.

Worth the Cost

Yoga clothes can cost a little more than typical athletic wear, and for good reason. The best yoga clothing is made of quality material. You don't have to buy designer yoga clothing, but if you want the best options in inexpensive yoga clothing you'll want to look for items that are durable and not see-through (do the squat test in the dressing room mirror to make sure you can't see your underwear when you squat). The right yoga pants will provide full coverage, feel comfortable, and look good.

The Right Fit

Yoga clothes are typically stretchy, which allows for general sizing like small, medium, and large, but if you need tall yoga pants or even cropped yoga pants, you'll be able to find these special fits at nearly any store selling yoga clothing. If you're a man looking for yoga clothes that don't look like women's yoga clothes, you might wind up looking in a specialty store since men's yoga clothes that aren't general athletic wear can be a little harder to find.

Clothes for Every Body

Yoga is practiced by a variety of different people, so it makes sense that clothing is made for petite yogis as well as tall practitioners. Plus-size yoga clothing has become more mainstream and easier to find. Some styles of yoga call for specific types of clothing, but typical yoga wear is generally acceptable in most forms of practice.

Yoga Accessories

Yoga shoes and yoga socks are optional, and though some find them inhibitive of movement, others swear by them. Give the various accessories a try to see if they're right for you.

Outside the Yoga Studio

Yoga tops and loose fitting yoga pants are comfortable, so it's no surprise that people choose to wear them outside of their yoga practice. Yoga can become a way of life for some, such as those who sport yoga necklaces throughout the day. Whether you're looking for some clothes to wear to yoga, or some clothes to wear to brunch, there are ample options from which to choose.

Yoga Clothing and Accessories