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Whether you are a newbie when it comes to yoga or an advanced yogi seeking to enhance your practice, you can get useful tips and information in a visually appealing format here. The slideshows featured on LoveToKnow's Yoga channel are designed specifically to help readers visualize certain poses and gain a better understanding of yoga as a discipline.

Getting Started With Yoga

When you're just getting started with yoga, the various poses can seem pretty overwhelming. Review the beginner yoga stances and basic yoga poses slideshows to familiarize yourself with the various options important for newbies to master. Use what you learn to practice, and you'll be on your way to mastering the basics in no time at all.

Build Your Practice

Once you have mastered the basics of yoga, you'll be ready to move on to additional postures. The slideshows provided feature step-by-step instruction with pictures to illustrate so that you can understand what the postures mean and how to select poses to build a sequence. This provides a much more thorough level of instruction compared to a written description alone. From sun salutations and hip opening asanas to Hatha poses and restorative yoga poses, you'll be able to enhance your skills and practice when you use these slideshows as a resource for learning.

Yoga Postures for Special Purposes

Once your repertoire includes a variety of asanas, you'll be able to seek out postures designed to help with specific needs you may have. For example, there are yoga poses for lower back pain as well as poses to help boost confidence and courage. Some postures are particularly beneficial for weight loss, while others are ideal to use during pregnancy.

Yoga Apparel

Wearing proper apparel is an important key for an effective yoga practice. Choose properly fitting workout wear that looks as great as it is practical. There are plenty of inexpensive yoga clothes options out there, including a wide variety of long pants and crop pants, as well as shorts and a nice selection of tops. Some styles are trendy, while others are classic workout wear. Whatever options you choose, look for pieces that will move with you.

Grow in Knowledge

When you're looking to grow in your knowledge and skills related to yoga, visit this site and review the slideshows. When you can see an assortment of images that help convey meaning, your understanding deepens. That's a key purpose of the helpful information you'll find here.

Yoga Slideshows