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You march into the yoga studio, unroll your mat, breathe, focus, and offer namaste to the teacher. You hit the Pilates studio, take a deep breath, eye the vaguely medieval-looking equipment, and plunge right… Keep reading »

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Some may practice yoga as a body movement, but for others, especially serious devotees, physical yoga is just one component of philosophy of the three yoga bodies.

The Physical Body - In Sanskrit, this is also called the Annamaya kosha, which means "food sheath". For someone to take proper care of the physical body is not to glorify it, but to bring the body under control of the mind and maximize wellness. This is the part of yoga philosophy of which most people are familiar.

The Astral Body - Three sheaths compose the astral body. The pranic sheath is where we experience sensation; the mental sheath houses our emotions; and the intellectual sheath guides the automatic mind, and is how we make decisions. When you practice meditation, you are maintaining this.

The Casual Body - This is best described as the history, or seed, of self. The Sanskrit name is karana sharira. This is a combination of the physical and astral bodies.

How we eat, ways in which we conduct ourselves, positive thinking, meditation, and proper relaxation, as well as the numerous physical expressions of yoga, or asanas, are all important elements that make up a total yogic path.

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