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If you're a beginner, you may wonder what yoga gear you need to enhance your workout. As yoga climbs in popularity, companies are creating more accessories for yoga enthusiasts. LoveToKnow Yoga is constantly searching for the best gear that may extend your practice.

Yoga Gear: Getting Started

In all honesty, a yoga mat is the only thing you really need to start practicing yoga. A mat provides you with a non-slip surface for performing the various asanas. Yoga mats are easy to clean and can be purchased from any retailer that sells yoga apparel. If you're traveling to a yoga class, look for a mat that comes with a carrying case.

If you have some extra money to spend on your workout gear, yoga straps, blocks, ropes, and sandbags can be useful yoga equipment. These aids help the beginning yoga student maintain proper form while performing the more difficult postures. Look for the best selection of yoga accessories at your nearest sporting goods store or shop at one of the many online specialty yoga boutiques.

Once you've been studying yoga for a while, you can purchase yoga equipment to help you take your practice to the next level. Yoga exercise equipment for experienced yogis includes items such as inversion slings, yoga headstanders, yoga boards, and backbending benches. Most of the yoga accessories that are intended for advanced students must be purchased from online specialty shops.

Although there are many different companies that manufacture yoga exercise equipment, Gaiam is by far the most popular. This "lifestyle company" sells instructional DVDs and videos, as well as yoga mats, straps, blocks, and other accessories.

Yoga Gear