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Like other exercises, yoga sculpt burns calories, but how many depends on a number of factors. However, in general you'll just about double the amount you'd burn in a traditional yoga class. Keep reading »

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Types of Yoga

When you're just starting out, knowing which type of yoga is right for you can be a challenge. Your sister may recommend Kundalini Yoga, while your best friend swears by core power yoga. Learn how to choose the best fit for you by exploring different types of yoga designed for body, mind, spirit and health.

Yoga for Beginners

Walking into a yoga studio might be intimidating, especially if you know anything about yoga. Get yourself ready for that class or just do it at home by exploring poses for beginners. Beyond just the poses, Hatha Yoga can show you the foundation that you will need for all the other types of yoga. Learn about the eight steps in depth so you are ready to take on more challenging yoga types or positions.

Yoga for Fitness Buffs

While many basic yoga practices encourage connection of the body, mind and spirit, there is a whole subset of yoga focused on strengthening and sculpting your body. For fitness seekers, yoga can become a high intensity workout that is designed to build strength through acrobatic poses. Fill your mind with knowledge about power yoga, booty ballet yoga and even strength training yoga. Not only will you learn about the poses and how long to hold them, but you'll get advice on props to increase your fat burning power.

Finding Healing Through Yoga

Everyone has heard of the healing benefits of yoga. Not only can it relax your body and reduce stress, but you can open your chakras through yoga positions to prove mindfulness and spirit. If you've heard healing yoga, you probably know the hot yoga of Bikram Yoga. Through extreme heat and Bikram positions, you'll purge your body of toxins and cleanse your mind promoting health and wellness. This can be good for anything from migraines to fibromyalgia. Explore the healing effects of Dahn Yoga. But in order to complete this mix of yoga and Dahnhak, you'll need to become a member of Dahn.

Yoga to Gain Spiritual Enlightenment and Relaxation

Opening your mind through meditation and relaxing your body through the breathing and stretching exercises are two powerful benefits to yoga. Learn how to create a peaceful mind through the foundations of Integral Yoga. Dive into the religious aspect of yoga practice by trying Bhakti Yoga. This spiritual practice includes prayer and chanting. You can also bring about spiritual enlightenment through Tantric Yoga practice. When it comes to yoga, there is something that will fill your quest to improve your mind and spirit.

Yoga for Everyone

One of the great aspects of yoga, is there's a little something for everyone. From yoga poses for kids to Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga, you can find something to fit your fitness level and age. You're never too young or too old to try yoga. There is even itsy bitsy yoga for babies. Interested in getting your furry babies involved? Give yoga for dogs a try. Who said only humans can benefit? You can also find yoga for men or kids too. Now that you have the resources, dive in.

Types of Yoga