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If you think you can't enjoy yoga unless you are a super skinny waif who can bend herself into a pretzel, think again. The truth is, size doesn't matter. Even plus sized people can enjoy the many benefits of… Keep reading »

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Yoga Expert Interviews
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The editors of LoveToKnow Yoga aspire to provide expert perspectives on all aspects of yoga, from better practice tips and leveling expectations to becoming a yoga instructor and establishing a yoga studio. Even if you don't live near a major yoga center, LoveToKnow Yoga makes it possible for you to learn from some of the most experienced yoga experts around.

Information You Can Count On

Many yoga experts are generous individuals, willing to share as much information as possible to ensure you lead an enriching yoga lifestyle. Whether you want to challenge yourself with new form of practice, such as Cameron Shayne's mixed martial arts or delve into the smooth Vinyasa flow of Kate Potter's "Namaste Yoga", you can rely on these interviews for solid advice.

In addition, we like to highlight special initiatives that demonstrate the wide range of yoga's accessibility. For example, reading about the first lady of American yoga, Lilias Folan, or John Schlorholtz's "Ageless Yoga" routine encourages all of us to keep up with our daily dedication.

From time to time, the site will also showcase experts in various areas, such as Hilary Garivaltis, the dean of the School of Ayurveda at the Kripalu Center for Health and Yoga. We hope you'll find these yoga lifestyle features provide quality insight to accentuate your practice.

Yoga Expert Interviews