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Article Highlight: Big Yoga Author on Yoga for Any Body Type

If you think you can't enjoy yoga unless you are a super skinny waif who can bend herself into a pretzel, think again. The truth is, size doesn't matter. Even plus sized people can enjoy the many benefits of… Keep reading »

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From better practice tips and leveling expectations to becoming a yoga instructor and establishing a yoga studio, expert interviews provide advanced perspectives on all aspects of yoga. Even if you don't live near a major yoga center, yoga expert interviews make it possible for you to learn from some of the most experienced yoga instructors around.

Yoga Basics for Everyone

No matter your age, size, or background there are yoga techniques you can incorporate into your health routines. Let the experts guide you in getting started on your own yoga journey.

  • Start by discovering innovative yoga gear that can help you have the best experience from Hugger Mugger Marketing Director Diane Donahue.
  • Learn about the benefits of yoga, such as how it balances hormones, from private instructor Kyle Miller.
  • Yoga instructor Desi Bartlett seeks to demystify yoga for beginners with her balanced approach to teaching.
  • As you explore the practice of yoga, former PBS yoga show host Lilias Folan shares her secrets to modifying your yoga routine to meet your needs.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what yoga really is with advice and insight from yoga expert Kate Potter.

Explore Types of Yoga

While the practice of yoga is summed up in this one word, there are actually different types of yoga and schools of thought about how to practice it. Look for the type of yoga that most resonates with who you are, and you'll find the most success.

  • Even toddlers can practice yoga with kids' yoga classes and tips from Mary Kaye Chryssicas.
  • Meera Patricia Kerr, author of Big Yoga, and Abby Lentz of HeavyWeight Yoga offer advice and techniques for full-figured women practicing yoga.
  • If you can't find a yogi or yoga class nearby, you can take classes online with companies like My Yoga Online.
  • People with mobility issues can practice Chair Yoga with Lakshmi Voelker where they get all the benefits of yoga while sitting in any chair.
  • Those looking for a lifestyle routine that includes yoga can explore intenSati which combines martial arts, yoga, daily affirmations, and dance.
  • If you think you're too busy to fit in yoga, author and yoga instructor Edward Vilga can show you how to incorporate yoga into any moment of your life.

Caring for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Many yoga experts are generous individuals willing to share as much information as possible to ensure you lead an enriching yoga lifestyle. Whether you want to challenge yourself with new forms of practice or focus on either your mind, body, or soul, expert yoga tips can help you achieve your goals.

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