Better Sex Through Yoga: Enhance Your Sexual Energy

The right yoga conditioning can enhance your sex life.

Better Sex Through Yoga is a yoga DVD series and book created by instructor and ballet dancer Jacquie Noelle Greaux. The belief is that certain asanas and breathing techniques will awaken sexual energy, improve your body response, and give you more confidence.

The Principle Behind the Method

Greaux created the Better Sex Through Yoga series in 2004 as a way for people to focus on the sexual core of the body. The series claims to be able to revitalize a person's sexual core through a beginner, intermediate, and advanced progression of postures.

The Beginner Series

The intent of the Beginner BSTY series is to:

  • Encourage deep breathing
  • Loosen the hips
  • Increase circulation to the groin for increased stimulation
  • Improve flexibility
  • Strengthen core muscle groups that may enhance sexual performance

The Intermediate Series

The Intermediate series includes everything from the Beginner's series, plus tips to help you:

  • Maintain a stronger focus on developing the pelvic muscles
  • Generate a more heightened awareness of the sexual core
  • Develop a deeper sense of intimacy with your partner

The Advanced Series

The Advanced series builds on what you've learned so far, as the creators of Better Sex Through Yoga lead you through:

  • More exotic and erotic postures
  • Methods of increasing stimulation

The BSTY approach is slightly different than other partner practices, such as Tantra yoga. BSTY invites participants to frolic and have fun while moving through the poses.

What Critics Have to Say

While most people agree that a toned, balanced body and a calm state of mind will enhance sexuality, some yogis denounce BSTY's philosophy that the series will provide a "fun, energizing introduction to Yoga for the best reason of all - your love life." Others take offense to the crude and seemingly uneducated statements on the BSTY website, indicating that this is a less than scientific method.

Additional critics state that the developers of the series are just using sex to sell yoga DVDs. They point out the featured routines are not, in fact, that different from a general yoga practice.

A reviewer for the Library Journal criticized the recently released Better Sex Through Yoga book, expressing that Greaux "can't even refer to the female genitalia by its real name." The reviewer surmises that more serious yoga practitioners won't appreciate the perception of yoga as just a sexual practice.

Is Better Sex Through Yoga Possible?

Regardless of what you think of the book and DVD series, better sex through yoga may be a real possibility. Yoga increases flexibility and strengthens the core. Breathing techniques promote relaxation. Achieving a sense of peace and heightened awareness makes you more responsive. Additionally, performing yoga with your partner builds incredible intimacy.

Any one of these factors can enhance a person's sensuality. Taken altogether, these yoga methods might just be the magic elixir you've been looking for to perk up your sex life. So whether you try the BSTY series, or another erotic yoga practice, a dedication to yoga will likely improve many areas of your overall well-being.

Of course, it's best to first talk with your health practitioner before beginning any exercise program. You will also want to consult your physician immediately if you've:

  • Had trouble achieving orgasms
  • Experienced pain during intercourse
  • Noticed decreased blood flow or stimulation
  • Had difficulty in any other area of sexual relations

There may be a physical, mental, or emotional condition that requires direct care.

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Better Sex Through Yoga: Enhance Your Sexual Energy