5 Baltimore Yoga Studios for Locals & Visitors

Baltimore, MD Yoga

Natives of and visitors to the largest city in Maryland will have no problem pursuing their yoga practice because there's a wide variety of Baltimore yoga studios and instructors to turn to.

Places to Do Yoga in Baltimore

Bikram Yoga Baltimore

Yoga novices might enjoy the Saturday class for beginners at Bikram Yoga Baltimore, just one of many sessions designed to teach the specialized heated sequences of the Bikram yoga style. The studio has five instructors certified in Bikram practice, and offers daily classes starting at 6 a.m. every day but Sunday and Monday. Attendees can register for classes online, too.

40 Cranbrook Rd., Cockeyville, MD 21030 (410) 683-YOGA (9642)

Easing Into Yoga

Easing Into Yoga is instructor Linda Howard's philosophy and business. As a visiting instructor at top studios throughout the Baltimore metro, Howard teaches a deliberate program of yoga to help those new to the practice, expectant mothers, seniors, those recovering from an injury or just needing extra care grasping yoga postures. Howard also hosts a number of workshops on topics ranging from insomnia and vitality to extracting an extra stretch from the hips and hamstrings. Contact her directly through her website.

Greater Baltimore Yoga

Greater Baltimore Yoga eases beginners into sessions with a free first class (check Web site for details) and graduated levels of experience through the fundamentals of Hatha yoga. Other styles include Ashtanga yoga, a gentle course, "Yoga Over 50" and various yoga sessions for children, such as "Itsy Bitsy Yoga," a unique session designed to improve motor skills, cognitive ability and body awareness in babies and toddlers.

9628 Deereco Rd., Timonium, MD 21093 (410) 560-2980.


Kelly Wilkes, founder of the Ojas Wellness Center, wanted clients to have one place to take care of themselves through mind and bodywork in addition to preventative wellness services. Ojas, which is pronounced "Oh-jus," offers various yoga and Pilates programs; yoga therapy; and bodywork, including many forms of massage as well as craniosacral work, healing stone and Reiki. The center also has methods for chronic pain management.

There are two locations of Ojas:

Owings Mills - 9419 Common Brook Rd. Ste. 104, Owings Mills, MD 21117
(410) 356-7080
Hunt Valley - 10 Fila Way, Ste. I, Sparks, MD 21152 (410) 472-7077

Quantum Yoga

Quantum Yoga and Wellness has a wide selection of classes, workshops and lectures for the yoga enthusiast. The center has eleven instructors specializing in Anusara yoga, power yoga, T'ai Chi, Qigong and Pilates. There's a true message of healing promoted at Quantum, as evident by the many healing methods and massage therapies available. The center also has a vibrant social network, and diverse workshops and activities are offered throughout the week.

6080 Falls Rd., LL-3, Baltimore, MD 21209 (410) 377-4800

Check Out Yoga Studios Adjacent to Baltimore

The Baltimore yoga scene is ripe with opportunity, but you might consider visiting some studios in the nation's capital as well.

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5 Baltimore Yoga Studios for Locals & Visitors