Anjali Mudra

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Anjali Mudra
Anjali Mudra calms the mind.

Anjali Mudra is the perfect transitional pose from an active yoga practice into meditation. The position of Anjali Mudra has many meanings. The Sanskrit term mudra means to "seal," as to secure the energy of the divine and of your body. Anjali relates to honor or benediction, an offering. This asana is also called Atmanjali Mudra and Hrdayanjali Mudra.

Anjali Mudra Benefits

The benefits of Anjali Mudra include:

  • A purposeful opening of the heart
  • A calm centering of the mind
  • Reduction of anxiety or stress

Step into the Pose

To Perform Anjali Mudra

  1. Begin in cross-legged pose, the body evenly positioned on the buttocks.
  2. Bring your hands together lightly at the fingertips. There should not be any pressure in this movement, but you do want to feel the heat between the palms.
  3. Draw the hands to the breastbone, elbows straight and parallel to the floor, thumbs against the chest.
  4. Keep your torso straight and upright, and draw your shoulder blades down into the back.
  5. Use this posture as your gateway to meditation by breathing fully, holding the position for up to five minutes.

If you are more limber, place your feet on top of your legs.

For more instruction on Anjali Mudra, visit Yoga Journal.


The hands should not be slammed together. Maintain a slight opening between the palms.

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Anjali Mudra