Siddha Asana Advantages + Instructions

Man in Siddha Asana.

The advantages of Siddha Asana as performed during meditation vary by person. Many people find Siddha Asana easier than Lotus Pose.

About the Advantages of Siddha Asana

In Sanskrit, siddha means "one who has attained the highest". It as also known as the Adept or Accomplished Pose. The posture and the name correlate to the peace found during meditation.

Practitioners report numerous advantages of Siddha Asana, including:

  • Increases concentration to aid meditation
  • Releases tension in the legs and pelvic area
  • Opens the hips and increases flexibility for other seated poses
  • Reduces nervous tension

Step Into the Pose

These instructions for Siddha Asana will address men, with an addendum at the end for women.

  1. Begin in Staff Pose, arms at your sides. Lift the buttocks so the sits bones make firm contact with the floor or meditation cushion.
  2. Take hold of the left big toe and bring the left heel into the high inner right thigh against the groin. Lift the penis and testicles over the foot if necessary for additional comfort. Breathe.
  3. On an inhale, take hold of the right big toe and bring the right heel across the left thigh, resting high on the thigh against the abdomen. Breathe.
  4. Place your palms on your knees, and lengthen the spine while resting your chin on your chest.
  5. From here, proceed with your normal seated meditation practice, which may require repositioning of the hands. Keep the spine straight.
  6. Many practitioners prefer not to switch legs in the middle of meditation unless they are repositioning into Lotus Pose. Remember to place the opposite leg on top the next day if needed.

For women performing in bare feet, make sure the feet are thoroughly clean before placing the lower heel in proper placement, which is at the entrance of the vagina.

Beginner Tips

Many people find it easier to sit on a cushion or folded blanket. This puts less stress on the knees. If the top foot does not rest comfortably against the abdomen, position it halfway down the thigh.

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Siddha Asana Advantages + Instructions