Where to Find Men's Yoga Clothing

Tracey Kelley
man doing yoga

There are a number of options for stylish men's yoga clothing. Many pieces also allow you to segue easily from yoga practice to other athletic activities.

Shopping for Men's Yoga Gear Online

The popularity of yoga among men prompted various clothing lines to consider what men like in active wear. Consequently, breathable fabrics, comfort, and versatility are three key components in yoga clothing. However, you'll also find that many companies take into consideration the importance of using sustainable materials like organic cotton and other eco-source fabric, such as bamboo, soy, and hemp.

The following online resources are just a few that make or distribute durable yoga clothes with a number of individual features.

Barefoot Yoga

Yoga instructors receive a 10 percent discount on purchases made though the Barefoot Yoga website of this Seattle-based company. They offer a wide variety of men's apparel such as hemp cargo pants ($56), which are great for both yoga and traveling. Their moisture-wicking tanks ($30) keep you cool and comfortable during your workouts, while their flex shorts ($30) offer better comfort during poses.


Named after the Sanskrit word for focal point or gaze, Drishti has an online store and a location in Santa Barbara, California. A popular item is the Pillar short with inner liner ($42) that doesn't bunch up during asanas and easily supports a man's body. The Hanuman Yoga Knicker by Verve ($56) is another favorite of male yogis, as the mid-calf length helps keep a practitioner cool. The company also carries a variety of interesting tees with familiar yoga symbols and poses emblazoned on the front such as the Rise the Shine Tee by Vuori ($39).

Everything Yoga

You probably can find everything you need to make your yoga experience satisfying when you shop at Everything Yoga. In addition to a complete line of clothing items such as the Men's Hybrid V-neck Yoga Tee by 4-rth ($39.95), which is made from ultra soft and comfortable promodal fabric. They also carry accessory items such as yoga shoes or mats.


Specializing in climbing, yoga, and everyday clothing for men and women, prAna is also intent on using sustainable materials whenever possible. Their Momentum pant ($82) is crafted with 94 percent nylon and a little Spandex for a lightweight, comfortable fit. Men also enjoy wearing a pair of multi-purpose Kolpa knickers ($70) because they're easy to move in. The site has a wide assortment of accessories used by climbers and yogis, too, such as chalkbags and yoga mats.


Vickery out of Boulder, Colorado, has a fine section of eco-friendly men's yoga clothing, including Hemp vaha pants ($49). If you're into hot yoga, Vickery carries the breathable, comfortable 4-rth Sustain Tee ($40) that moves with the body. The site has a number of clothing categories, or you can search by brand.

Other Options

If you're just starting yoga, there's no need to break the bank buying yoga apparel. Almost any sporting goods or discount store will have active wear suitable for beginning practice. That's one of the key benefits of yoga - no fuss.

Purchasing Tips

You'll want shorts that don't bunch up in the crotch and generally without pockets, as you'll not be carrying things with you during practice. Heavy cotton tees, while most accessible, add bulk and weight or billow over your head while performing inverted positions. Look for tanks and tees that are lightweight and draw moisture away from the body. Shirts should be form-fitting but not too tight. Popular items of yoga clothing for men include:

  • Shirts in a variety of sleeve lengths
  • Sleeveless tanks
  • Pants
  • Knickers
  • Shorts
  • Outwear such as jackets, hoodies and pullovers

Protecting Your Investment

With proper care, your yoga clothing will give you many years of service and function and thus reduce your cost per wearing. Always read and follow the manufacturer's care instructions on each garment. Turn clothing inside out before laundering to keep any logos or decals looking fresh and new. Air drying clothing is less damaging than using a dryer, so hang or lay garments flat to dry whenever possible.

Where to Find Men's Yoga Clothing